Vivotek V-Pro line: Cutting-edge banking protection

Vivotek presented at the end of 2015 its new line of network cameras V-Pro. A series of cameras ranging from 2MP or 5MP with a cost-effective efficiency and high-value features such as WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and 3DNR, vandal-proof casings and protection to extreme temperatures. The line V-Pro of 2MP network cameras are equipped with WDR and SNV (Supreme Night Visibility), technology that provides high image quality under any light condition, thanks to its ability to distinguish details under conditions of high contrast lighting and its infrared illuminators installed.

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Network cameras are effective up to 30 meters, which makes them a very convenient option for places like bank branches or ATM’s that requires protection during day and night.

Another interesting feature in the 5MP presentation is the detail resolution sensor that provides image clarity with different applications, also the 3DNR (3-Dimensional Noise Reduction) that has the capacity to improve the performance of the image in objects or specific areas by maximizing the efficient use of bandwidth.

The video recording also has special features to ensure continuous monitoring, even when the signal has been interrupted the cameras of this line have a feature that allows recording directly in the camera.

Therefore this characteristic becomes in an ideal option for the protection of banking institutions seeking a profitable IP surveillance system without additional accessories.

To more information about this solution, contact your Full Protection assessor or write to:

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