Universities all over the world trust in HID

The universities in our region, presents uniques security challenges. The variety of its visitors, grouped by variety of faculties, institutes, laboratories, hospitals and the flow of vehicles make of this market segment, a very special one that demands high-level technological solutions.

Thus we find in this market segment a manufacturer with a very special view that in addition to covering physical access to buildings and events, also provides solutions that protect computer access to networks and private information, among other things to highlight.

Cards university identification based on smart card technology contactless iClass of HID Global, can be optimized to perform multiple functions in a single secure card, these functions can even include: physical access to classrooms, laboratories, offices, residences and leisure facilities. Computer access to networks and information terminals. Identification for getting books from the libraries and transportation. Cashless transactions for food service, laundry and vending machines. As well as cash transactions in partnership with banks.

A clear example in the world, of the application of HID technology is the University of Phoenix in Arizona, USA, where the new HID contactless cards provide more security than conventional magnetic stripe cards. One of the features to highlight is the assignment of income to students by schedules to buildings such as laboratories and the possibility of including holograms and biometric technologies.

For all this HID 13.56 MHz iClass solution enhances contactless technology of RFID traditional, including data storage, mutual authentication, secure reading and writing data.

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