Arecont Vision: Safer cities and environments

In many cities around the world graffiti are a menace that threatens the security of properties and environments, converting the cities into more hostile environments and real headaches for local authorities. To this scourge can’t escape Latin American cities, where the phenomenon is commonly associated with vandalism, theft and damage to property. The city of Seattle in the US found an efficient response to this situation with megapixel cameras of Arecont Vision.

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The objective of the grafiiti artists was a building located in the historic zone of the city, which had been restored recently. To protect it, cameras that provide high-resolution images during day and night with sufficient clarity and detail to provide hard evidence to the police to legally use it were installed.  The solution consisted in the installation of 5 cameras Arecont Vision MegaDome 2 of 3 MP resistant to vandalism and a video administration system exacqVision.


The result was the obtaining of sharp images that allowed the authorities to carry out the capture of the individuals and protect the property. This system is an example of the applications that can have the megapixel technology in critical conditions for managers of Latin America cities, who demands safer environments for their habitants.

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