VISTA PLUS Hybrids panels

Honeywell products are functionals in airports, seaports, banks, universities, casinos, government buildings, hospitals and a wide range of verticals markets including of course, industry and factories, as one of the most demanding sectors that demands greater specifications.

In the Honeywell portfolio, we highlight the Vista family. Which offer a simplified installation, faster and a wide range of sensors in intrusion solutions at your alarm panels. It also allows through Alarm Net platform to have an alternate communication by phone or IP. Becoming into an innovative, profitable and low installation cost solution.

Inside the family Vista, one of the panels with greater acceptance by the customers of Full Protection is the Vista 15, a more versatile in terms of costs allowing alternative communications solutions and remote access Alarm Net and Total Connect panel. This is a small panel of 6 zones in board, expandable to 32 zones alarm, which can be wireless or 16 wired.

Later we find the Vista 21, a panel that allows integrated IP communication from the panel. Which allows an alternate communication to the central monitoring.

All the panels of the Vista line allows the interactivity from the phone and control the supervision of the line phone since Vista 15, 20, 48 and 21. The hybrid panel allows alternative communications, cellular, IP and the control of Z Wave solutions through Tuxedo modules giving the end user lights, doors and energy control.

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