Access to Interlogix: Big thinking solutions

Of Interlogix we highlight the TruPortal solution, that offers an access control system based on an IP device integrated with the products line of TruVision video, which is an advantage as it requires no servers or operators to manage the system. It is very easy to monitor from any PC or SmartPhone with Android and iOS operating systems.

Some of its more important features are: with just one controller card of two doors, four readers you can have up to 10.000 users with 10.000 credentials or you can assign 5 credentials per person and each credential with 8 access levels or up to 64 access levels with just one controller card. This is an ideal solution for medium size facilities like hospitals, government buildings or industries.

The advantage of this system is that the main controller has a incorporated network card, so is really easy to find it in a local area network to configure it and then to publish it and to manage it from a smartphone.

A single 2 ports controller in a system for small and medium solutions that can grow to a big solution that offers compatible hardware with the most robust solutions.

The system allows to add up to 32 controllers in addition to the main one for a total of 64 ports. This forms a small or medium system that can be integrated with TruVision video systems where we can add up to 4 video recorders and 64 IP cameras manageable through a PC or cell.

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