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We redesigned our website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, designed to facilitate access to all of our content.

Since its creation 16 years ago FULL-PROTECTION has evolved and growth successfully, and part of that growth comes from the suggestions and comments made by our customers. We want to start 2019 with a new website, where we articulate a new structure that facilitates navigation not only from your PC but also from mobile devices, it is very easy to navigate and is organized in a clear way that enables an efficient search of our content.

You will find our brands portfolio, articles about products, events and information about our webinars. We created two new sections: “NEWS” where we will publish articles related to Full Protection’s participation on events or activities that our partners organized for our clients, as well as product launches, or topics related to the security industry; In “WEBINARS” you can find a library of all the online seminars we have made and have taken note of them so you can have access to this valuable information again.

Nuevo Sitio web Full Protection

The redesign of our website is a crucial step in the company’s growth strategy. Nowadays, the website has become a powerful communication and marketing tool.
We want to generate more confidence to our customers, we work every day to gain our clients trust, you can let us know your opinion, your questions and complaints via our website or by e-mail, is very important for us.

We congratulate our marketing team for the excellent work. We invite you to visit and a brand in your favorites so that it is within your reach when you need it. Also follow us and contact us in our social media profiles, we are very active there. We hope that you enjoy this new version of our website and we are open to any comments that you have to improve it.