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Banking / Finance – Security Solutions

The financial sector is one of the sectors that greatest needs and challenges can present when implementing an electronic security project to protect against internal and external threats and fraud, allow greater protection of employees, customers, assets, offices, branches and banking operations of banks.

Financial entities require an integrated security system that includes managed access control to restrict access to sensitive areas or place, indoor / outdoor video surveillance to prevent theft, vandalism and also fire / smoke detection devices.

Some of the solutions that an electronic security system can provide for banking and financial services entities are:

  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) with visualization and remote management.
  • Continuous detection of intrusions and video surveillance.
  • Security solutions for ATMs.
  • Video analysis for security and business intelligence.
  • Access to card management solutions, electronic access control and biometric.
  • Silent alarm systems, panic and containment devices.

Security at ATMs can consist of devices that alert when the ATM is violated and hidden cameras to record to the users of the ATM.

Security systems for banks and financial centers

In Full Protection we have the experience of advising integrating companies in the presentation of their security projects for some financial entities. Thanks to our close relationship with the different manufacturers we represent, we can guide your company to use quality products at a price that can enter the required budget.


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