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Commerce / Retail – Security Solutions

Around the world every day, commercial places such as clothing stores, drugstores, supermarkets and in general retail places are affected by the theft of products from their shelves without the employees of these businesses noticing or even Sometimes the same employees may be the ones who are committing this type of crime.

In order to control and prevent the growth of these incidents, electronic security is occupying an important role thanks to the constant innovation in devices that help to detect suspicious activities in these places. Additionally, an electronic security system not only helps you protect your business premises, it can also provide you with data on the movement of your business so you can improve customer service.

Security solutions for shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants

Depending on the extent of the facilities and its security needs, the solutions can be obtained. Whether it is a restaurant or a small retail store, you may only require a video surveillance system that allows your managers to monitor your business activity 24 hours a day, and an alarm system that notifies you when a theft is occurring when the place is closed.

If the project is for a large-scale supermarket or a shopping center, the solutions that are required are more complex and must be effectively integrated to address any emergency that may arise. For example, a shopping center may require:

  • Fire detection systems
  • Alarm control panels
  • Access control for the different points of entry and exit of the place and for areas with restricted access
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) to take care of both the people who visit the place, employees and the same facilities
  • Parking systems for the control and monitoring of visitors

Full Protection with a wide variety of brands that manufacture high quality products for the commercial sector can provide these solutions, plus we have a sales team and trained engineers to provide the best advice if your company has a project.


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