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Healthcare – Security Solutions

In the place where their main mission is to save lives, those in charge of hospitals, clinics and care centers for the elderly need a security solution that can help them protect their patients, protect their business from liability risk and protect your staff Just as it is important to take care of the physical integrity of people who are constantly in medical centers, it is also important to take into consideration the protection of documents with private information from patients and the electrical equipment that serves as support to perform the tasks of the staff and that can cost large sums of money.

An electronic security system for these health centers should be designed to provide an efficient and immediate response to alarms that arise, when using panic buttons, identifying the precise location of the alarm and using video verification when appropriate.

Security System for medical centers, clinics, health centers

Some situations in which a security solution can help are:

  • Using video surveillance and access control systems can stop potential thefts or reduce inventory losses and liability risks.
  • Control the opening/closing times in person or remotely, arm or disarm the security system from any device enabled for the Web.
  • With the installation of alert devices or cameras, you can keep medicines safe and avoid the loss of supplies.
  • Control access to areas containing confidential patient information and receive detailed records of who accesses patient registration rooms and when.
  • With fire control panels, smoke detection devices, and massive notification is protected in situations of possible fire.

In Full Protection we have a portfolio of brands from the most important and recognized in the market, to those that specialize in certain areas of security with high quality products. Contact us and let us advise you on your project for centers in the health industry.



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