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Government – Security Solutions

Due to the extension of its different facilities and the function that each office provides, local government institutions, national agencies, and the different branches of the executive, legislative and judicial, require complex and integrated security solutions to protect the integrity of the people who work in the offices and of their visitors, in addition to the information that is kept in each one of these enclosures.

Security Systems for Government Institutions, Public institutions

The challenges that can arise in buildings of public institutions and the solutions that an electronic security system provides could be:

  • Theft/Robbery: Zone-controlled security helps prevent losses from theft or internal theft by securing some areas while others are occupied. It can also provide a reliable and rapid response to situations where alarms are activated and thus help reduce the risks associated with a robbery.
  • Fire Threats: With fire alarm systems that comply with the safety codes, which are fast and reliable, they will provide early notification to protect life and property.
  • Unauthorized Access: Access control systems help you manage the access of people and vehicles to your location. They also help protect people, property and high security information without disrupting daily activities.
  • Monitoring Centers: With the latest innovations in technology and systems in the cloud, many of the functions of video surveillance, access control and control, armed and disarmed alarms, can be performed remotely and safely, allowing control from single point different facilities.

Projects for government institutions are usually full of specific requirements and specifications that must be met by each product that is included in the security system, and with the broad portfolio that we offer in Full Protection we can advise on finding the right correct option so you can present the most appropriate proposal in terms of quality, functionality and price.



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