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Aiphone – Workshop on Intercom System Design Focused on Protecting Your Business – Panama

We are proud to announce the success of our 'TechBreakfast by Full-Protection' event with the manufacturer Aiphone, which took place in Panama City on September 14th. The initiative to provide knowledge about the various solutions that make up their catalog resulted in an enriching experience for attendees and received praise from numerous integrators who participated (more…)

ALAS Technology Encounter – Costa Rica

The ALAS Technology Encounter in Costa Rica Drives Innovation and Connectivity in the Security Industry. On a day filled with knowledge exchange, innovation, and business opportunities, the event took place on August 24th, marking a milestone in the security landscape in the region. The event brings together a variety of stakeholders, from leading technology companies to professionals and end-users, with the aim of exploring the latest trends and solutions in the field of electronic security (more…)

Technical/Commercial Seminar in Ecuador with Edwards – Design and migration of EST3, EST4, and Early Detection solutions.

The in-person Edwards seminar on the design and migration of EST4 and ModuLaser took place at the Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. The event started at 9:00 am and concluded at 1:30 pm, with the participation of important clients. The training was conducted by Leandro Aguirre, Business Development at Edwards Andean Region, and with the support of our Commercial Manager for the Andean and Southern Cone region, Natalia Caicedo. (more…)

Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Panel with the G17F Communicator: A Reliable and Easy-to-Install Solution

Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Panel with the G17F Communicator: A Reliable and Easy-to-Install Solution

If you're in the market for a cellular communicator to upgrade your fire alarm panel, look no further than the G17F communicator from TRIKDIS. This advanced solution offers a range of features designed to provide secure and reliable event signaling, as well as flexible configuration options to meet your specific needs. Benefits of the G17F Communicator Secure and reliable communication: The G17F supports multiple transmission protocols, such as TRK, DC-09_2007, and DC-09_2012, ensuring that communication with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is always secure. In addition, the communicator uses Contact ID codes to transmit event messages, providing a reliable and standardized method for event reporting.Quick and easy installation: Designed to save time and effort, the G17F communicator is easy to install, so you can start enjoying its benefits right away.Flexible configuration: The G17F…

Systems for Technological Innovation in Your Business – Dominican Republic

The event "TechBreakfast by Full-Protection Systems for Technological Innovation in your Business" was successfully held at the Barceló Hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, featuring Honeywell Fire and Security as the special guest. During this gathering, prominent experts and industry leaders came together to discuss and explore the latest trends in digital transformation and how these innovative tools can drive profitability and efficiency for businesses in the region. (more…)

Full-Protection Andina Success Case: Ecopetrol Solar Farm Project

The event, which took place recently on May 8th and 9th at the offices of Full-Protection Andina in Bogotá, Colombia, focused on providing technical advice and training for the Granja Solar Ecopetrol project. The objective was to assist them in selecting the appropriate products and resolving any technical issues that may arise during the project's development. (more…)

NVT Phybridge 1701+ PoE Extender

Easily and Quickly Deploy IP Devices Using the NVT Phybridge 1701+ PoE Extender

The NVT Phybridge 1701+ PoE Extender Simplifies Network Requirements to Accelerate Digital Transformation Projects The 1701+ PoE Extender supercharges the downlink ports of a standard ethernet switch to deliver power and data over any new or existing coax, UTP, or 2-wire cabling with up to 8,000ft (2.4km) reach. Like many of the products offered by NVT Phybridge, the 1701+ removes the high cost, business disruption, and complexity involved in a major network overhaul for organizations looking to deploy the latest IP cameras, access control, communication devices, and any other IEEE-compliant endpoints. Watch the 1701+ introduction video for a full list of enhancements and capabilities. The 1701+ Extender provides several technological advancements over the previous 1701 product, including up to 420 Mbps, up to 8,000ft (2.4km) reach, and an 18%…

Secure Your Premises with Visionis Tech's Access Controllers and Software

Secure Your Premises with Visionis Tech’s Access Controllers and Software

When it comes to security and access control solutions, technology is constantly evolving. With new products and features being introduced every day, it can be difficult to keep up. That's where VISIONIS TECH ETL Series and DLX Series access controllers come in. These innovative products from a leading security technology company provide cutting-edge solutions to help you protect your assets, secure your premises, and manage your resources with ease and efficiency. In this product review article, we'll take a closer look at the features, functionalities, and benefits of the ETL Series and DLX Series, and how they can help you achieve peace of mind knowing that your security needs are met. ETL Series: Features and Functionalities The ETL Series is a line of cutting-edge security products that provides enhanced security…