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Honeywell Fire Workshop: New Technologies for Advanced Detection in Peru

Honeywell Fire Workshop: New Technologies for Advanced Detection in Peru

On September 26th, we held the Honeywell Fire Workshop, an informative and enriching event that took place at Honeywell’s facilities in Peru. Starting promptly at 9:00 a.m. and concluding at 1:00 p.m., this event brought together a select group of 14 individuals interested in the latest innovations in electronic security technology. Furthermore, with Natalia Caicedo, Sales Manager for the Andean Region and Southern Cone, we were joined by our CEO, Yovany Lopez, who further enriched the event with his presence and perspectives on the world of electronic security.

An Expert in the House

The training was conducted by Alexander Manay, Account Manager for Peru and Ecuador at Honeywell Fire. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field of electronic security provided valuable insights into the new technologies presented during the event.

Exploring Honeywell Fire’s Innovations

During the informative session, two key areas of innovation by Honeywell Fire were highlighted:

CLSS Platform

Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) platform is a technological advancement that offers comprehensive management of security systems. Alexander Manay explained in detail the operation of the CLSS platform, including the management and functionality of the CLSS Kit, available through Full-Protection.

The importance of Tokens for activating Modbus and BACnet licenses was also addressed. Additionally, the creation of branches was emphasized as a crucial element that allows users to download and update their Notifier systems, providing greater autonomy and flexibility in security management.

Li-Ion Tamer Technology

With the reactivation of lithium extraction in Peru, safety in handling lithium batteries becomes crucial. Li-Ion Tamer is a solution that detects potential catastrophic failures in lithium battery storage areas.

This plug-and-play rack system enhances safety by detecting residual gases that precede thermal failures, allowing for a preventive response long before a smoke detector or traditional gas detection systems would activate. The presentation highlighted the importance of this technology in various industries, including electric vehicle manufacturing, data centers, and more.

A Safer and Connected Future

The Honeywell Fire Workshop not only provided information on the latest technologies but also prepared attendees to embrace the future of electronic security. The available tools for integrators were emphasized, enabling them to develop more autonomous and efficient designs with the support and assistance of Full Protection Corp.

In summary, this event was a testament to Full Protection Corp and Honeywell Fire’s continued commitment to updating and advancing electronic security technologies. By staying at the forefront of opportunities and providing cutting-edge tools, both companies are preparing professionals to tackle the constantly evolving challenges and opportunities in the field of security.

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