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Aiphone – Workshop on Intercom System Design Focused on Protecting Your Business – Panama

Aiphone – Workshop on Intercom System Design Focused on Protecting Your Business – Panama

We are proud to announce the success of our ‘TechBreakfast by Full-Protection’ event with the manufacturer Aiphone, which took place in Panama City on September 14th. The initiative to provide knowledge about the various solutions that make up their catalog resulted in an enriching experience for attendees and received praise from numerous integrators who participated

The workshop focused on designing Aiphone solutions tailored to the Panamanian market and had the presence of the manufacturer’s team, including Robert Hilt, Regional Sales Manager, and Alan Bacio, Application Engineer.

The session began with an institutional presentation by Full Protection, led by Juan Pablo Bernal, providing participants with a comprehensive view of the company and its strong commitment to excellence in electronic security solutions.

The session continued with the first part of the Aiphone solutions presentation by Alan Bacio. During this session, attendees had the opportunity to delve into the details and functionalities of the brand’s innovative solutions, allowing them to better understand how these technologies can be applied in the context of the Panamanian market.

After this informative session, a short break was held, giving participants the opportunity to relax, interact with each other, and recharge for the second part of the event.

The second part of the Aiphone solutions presentation, once again led by Alan Bacio, was even more enriching. In this stage, a deeper dive into the solutions was conducted, design tools were provided, successful case examples were shared, and interactive videos were shown.

One of the highlighted activities of the day was a dynamic in which participants engaged in exercises set by the manufacturer, competing to complete them in the shortest possible time. The winners were rewarded with special Aiphone kits.

After the dynamic, a dedicated space for questions and consultations was opened. Participants took advantage of this opportunity to raise their concerns and doubts, allowing for the clarification of technical aspects and obtaining additional information about Aiphone’s solutions.

To conclude the day, attendees had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the brand’s products. This hands-on experience allowed them to see firsthand how these electronic security solutions operate, further solidifying their understanding and confidence in Aiphone’s capabilities.

In summary, the event not only provided valuable information and technical knowledge but also fostered interaction among participants and strengthened the relationship between Full Protection and Aiphone.

We are eager for future events that will continue to enrich our knowledge and strengthen our key partnerships in the world of electronic security.

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