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ALAS Technology Encounter – Costa Rica

The ALAS Technology Encounter in Costa Rica Drives Innovation and Connectivity in the Security Industry. On a day filled with knowledge exchange, innovation, and business opportunities, the event took place on August 24th, marking a milestone in the security landscape in the region. The event brings together a variety of stakeholders, from leading technology companies to professionals and end-users, with the aim of exploring the latest trends and solutions in the field of electronic security

Full-Protection had the honor of participating as a sponsor of this event, and our presence was prominent in the technology exhibition. We had the support and active presence of our Regional Managers, Juan Pablo Bernal and Carlos Fleites, who contributed to the success and relevance of our participation.

Diversity of Participants and Business Opportunities

The event attracts a diverse range of participants, from established companies to entrepreneurs and professionals seeking the most advanced technologies to strengthen their security systems. Tridkis and Visionis, prominent figures in the industry, were the center of attention with their innovative solutions.

The event also witnessed the participation of customer profiles as varied as universities, firefighters, retailers, government entities, and emerging integrators, demonstrating the universal reach of security technology.

Products and Solutions at the Center of the Conversation

During the gathering, Tridkis and Visionis showcased their market-leading products and solutions in the electronic security industry. Attendees had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of technologies designed to address the most pressing security challenges in various sectors.

Collaboration and Meaningful Connections

One of the highlights of the ALAS Technology Encounter was the opportunity to establish meaningful connections and collaborations. Professionals and company representatives had the chance to share knowledge, discuss emerging trends, and build valuable business relationships.

This network of enriching interaction not only strengthens the security industry but also fosters the development of more effective solutions tailored to evolving needs.

Innovation Focus

The event not only provided a showcase for existing solutions but also placed a strong emphasis on ongoing innovation. The presentations allowed attendees to glimpse into the future of electronic security.

Furthermore, keynote speeches by industry experts provided deeper insights into emerging trends and future challenges in the field of security. Topics such as cybersecurity, system integration, and the importance of collaboration among different industry stakeholders were explored.

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