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Trikdis – Alarm Communicators


Reliable Adaptability

TRIKDIS manufactures intelligent messaging equipment for security companies. This equipment allows the company to easily and quickly gain an advantage or adapt to ever-changing communication and technology standards.

Trikdis mission is to simplify and accelerate technological change in security services by creating equipment that is easy for everyone to install and use.

Certified Grade 3, Certified Grade 4

Our equipment is certified to the highest industry standards of security, Grades 3 and 4, ensuring maximum protection. This certification guarantees that our equipment has passed rigorous testing and meets the strictest security requirements, giving you peace of mind that your object is safe and secure.


Ensuring fast and reliable communication with almost any security system. They are easy to install and use, with advanced features such as multi-path capabilities for maximum coverage, smart app to control and programming. Upgrade your security system today and experience the difference.

◉ Connects to alarm panel’s serial or keypad bus, allowing for fast and reliable event transmission

◉ Simultaneously transmits full event information to Central Monitoring Station and works with PROTEGUS 2 app

◉ Sends event information to TRIKDIS software or hardware receivers and SIA DC-09 receivers

◉ Quick configuration and remote configuration and firmware updates

◉ Controllable inputs and outputs for maximum control of your security system

Flexibility, reliability, and convenience in one panel

FLEXi SP3 Hybrid Security Control Panel from TRIKDIS. This cutting-edge panel offers unparalleled flexibility in connectivity options, including on-board WiFi, 4G, 2G, and Ethernet. Control and monitor your premises remotely with the PROTEGUS 2 mobile app and expanded security and automation capabilities with 10 I/O terminals.

Installation is a breeze with multiple sizes of mounting kits and default settings based on years of industry experience.

FLEXi SP3 Hybrid Security Control Panel from TRIKDIS

◉ Multiple transmission channels and priority settings for reporting to central monitoring station (CMS)

◉ Possibility to send event reports to CMS of two different security companies

◉ Remote control of connected devices such as lighting systems, automatic gates

◉ RS485 data bus for connecting iO series expander modules for wireless sensor transceiver, Ethernet and VHF/UHF radio wave transmitter

◉ Customizable settings and options to suit specific needs and requirements


Gator and WP17, a remote gate controllers from TRIKDIS that allows you to control outputs remotely using the PROTEGUS 2 mobile/internet application and SMS messaging. It has advanced messaging capabilities and is compatible with any monitoring software. Gator also features dual inputs and outputs, quick and easy installation, and remote firmware updates.

Gator and WP17, a remote gate controllers from TRIKDIS

◉ Control gates remotely with PROTEGUS 2

◉ Sends event information to monitoring software

◉ Dual inputs and outputs for maximum flexibility and customization

◉ Quick and easy installation with remote firmware updates and access level for configuring the device

Upgrade your fire alarm system with G17F communicator

G17F communicator

Look no further than G17F Communicator from TRIKDIS. This communicator offers a reliable way to transmit event information to Central Monitoring Station (CMS) via cellular network. In addition, customers can be informed about fire alarm events in PROTEGUS 2 app or with SMS messages.

And with quick and easy installation, multiple communication channels and expandable inputs and outputs, G17F Communicator is the perfect choice for security installers and security system distributors. Upgrade your fire alarm system with G17F Communicator today.

Protegus 2
Download Protegus 2 on Google Play and App Store

Protegus 2 is home security app for any alarm system.

Protegus 2 is a home monitoring app that provides peace of mind by both securing and monitoring your property. Once activated, it records and sends you real-time alerts if an intruder breaks in, nearby emergency situations, and live video streams from your house when things get interesting. Linking to a mobile app means you can take action from anywhere in the world. Protect what matters most from the comfort of wherever life takes you.

Download TRIKDIS Products Catalog

Download TRIKDIS Products Catalog

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