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Education – Security Solutions

The safety of students and employees in situations of insecurity in educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities should be of great importance to those who administer these entities. For this reason, it is advisable for the successful implementation of a complete electronic security project to carry out an audit, design, installation and subsequent monitoring of the systems.


The protection of educational environments must be done with integrated security systems, which allow a fluid communication between each system, access control, video surveillance, alarms, fire detection, among others, and so that when an emergency arises the answer be the fastest and most successful possible.

Security Systems for Schools, Universities

Some applications in which electronic security systems can be implemented are:

  • Protection against vandalism and theft through the installation of closed television circuits and alarm systems that notify monitoring centers when an unauthorized entry into educational facilities is occurring.
  • Be able to track the entrance and exits of students, employees and visitors or restrict access to certain people in certain areas of the campus, making use of access control systems that have keypads or card readers and/or security code, or biometric equipment that read the fingerprint of the person.

To be able to execute this type of projects it is necessary to invest economic resources that sometimes, especially for public educational institutions, can be difficult to obtain. However, if you have a previously established budget it is possible to acquire different solutions and systems that adapt to the economic capacity of each school or university.

In Full Protection we have a portfolio of brands that cover a wide range of prices that allows us to offer you the best alternative that can cover your need with excellent quality and cost effectiveness according to your budget.


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