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Technical/Commercial Seminar in Ecuador with Edwards – Design and migration of EST3, EST4, and Early Detection solutions.

Technical/Commercial Seminar in Ecuador with Edwards – Design and migration of EST3, EST4, and Early Detection solutions.

The in-person Edwards seminar on the design and migration of EST4 and ModuLaser took place at the Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. The event started at 9:00 am and concluded at 1:30 pm, with the participation of important clients. The training was conducted by Leandro Aguirre, Business Development at Edwards Andean Region, and with the support of our Commercial Manager for the Andean and Southern Cone region, Natalia Caicedo.

During the seminar, key points for a successful migration to Edwards’ new EST4 technology were addressed. This solution was designed to work seamlessly with other Edwards products across generations, providing a modular panel with great flexibility and customizable configurations, allowing for future expansions.

Various highlights of the EST4 solution were presented, including:

  • Audio: The EST4 platform features high-fidelity audio messaging capabilities across 200 channels, ensuring that messages reach the right people at the right time.
  • Networking: The enhanced networking capabilities of EST4 are based on a TCP/IPv6 network, allowing its implementation in medium and large-scale applications with flexibility, including the ability to switch from copper to fiber without downtime.
  • Cybersecurity: EST4 is equipped with the ability to implement proxy firewalls that protect the internal fire network from cyber threats.
  • Messaging: The system incorporates the sending of messages via email and SMS, allowing for instant notification to the appropriate personnel regarding specific events.

In addition, tools for the design and specification of EST4 and ModuLaser were presented.

The target audience for the event were integrators with expertise in design and specification. Among the attendees, notable companies such as Windar, responsible for contracts for the Ecosierra mine, and DEYMCA, an assistant to Petroecuador, were present, along with other companies focused on design for hospitals, education, and banking sectors.

In conclusion, the seminar resulted in a successful showcase of Edwards’ top-notch technologies. The attendees were provided with the necessary updates to stay at the forefront of opportunities, displaying all the available tools for integrators to have autonomy in their designs, with the support of Full-Protection.

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