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VISIONIS – Access Control Products

VISIONIS Access Control Systems
VISIONIS as a manufacturer company is committed to design and provide our customers with high-quality products for access control and security purposes at affordable price and guaranteed performance.

We also offer lifetime US based tech support and 3 years warranty to all of our products.


These devices allow the business owners or managers to control the access to certain facilities, through the installation of entry or exit keypads and card readers.

◉ Standalone Indoor Keypad/Card Readers

◉ Only Wiegand Indoor/Outdoor Readers

◉ Fingerprint Reader

◉ Standalone & Wiegand Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Keypad/Card Readers


The VISIONIS Request-to Exit Buttons and Switches offers a variety of options to fit several applications needs. This line is designed to provide a reliable source of egress access controlled opening devices in residential, commercial and industrial locations.

The VISIONIS Request-to Exit Buttons may be connected to the request-to-exit input of any access control device or directly connected to an electromagnetic lock or Electric strike Device.

◉ Indoor Push To Exit Buttons

◉ Outdoor Waterproof Push to Exit button

◉ Indoor No Touch Exit Button With Time Delay

◉ Handicap Push to Exit Buttons


The security market, in the area of locks, have shown improvements through the last several years. The main reason is the replacement of mechanical devices for electronic pieces and software, which allow integration and interaction with other home and business appliances such as lighting, heating, etc.

◉ Electromagnetic Locks (Indoor and Outdoor)

◉ Electric Drop Bolts Locks

◉ Electric Strikes

◉ Brackets


The installation of access control systems in homes, stores, and small business is a growing trend across the world. The access control system applies the latest technology to improve the levels of safety and can be adapted to single door usage to multiple entrance installations such as government buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

TITAN VSAXESS is a powerful and complete Access control management software for Visionis products.

In addition to all functions of the second-generation software, Titan Vsaxess adopts such features of second-generation software as software interface, dynamic help and so on. When work with Visionis controller series, Titan Vsaxess can serve small and medium enterprises for access control and attendance management, as well as work with CCTV and alarm devices. The system is easy to manage, install and use.

Download VISIONIS Products Catalog

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IMPORTANT: We are an authorized distributor for Latam and the Caribbean ONLY. The products we supply are exclusively intended for sale and export outside of the continental United States. Please read our terms and conditions.