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Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Panel with the G17F Communicator: A Reliable and Easy-to-Install Solution

Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Panel with the G17F Communicator: A Reliable and Easy-to-Install Solution

Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Panel with the G17F Communicator: A Reliable and Easy-to-Install Solution

If you’re in the market for a cellular communicator to upgrade your fire alarm panel, look no further than the G17F communicator from TRIKDIS. This advanced solution offers a range of features designed to provide secure and reliable event signaling, as well as flexible configuration options to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of the G17F Communicator

Secure and reliable communication: The G17F supports multiple transmission protocols, such as TRK, DC-09_2007, and DC-09_2012, ensuring that communication with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is always secure. In addition, the communicator uses Contact ID codes to transmit event messages, providing a reliable and standardized method for event reporting.

Quick and easy installation: Designed to save time and effort, the G17F communicator is easy to install, so you can start enjoying its benefits right away.

Flexible configuration: The G17F communicator can be configured locally via USB port or remotely, making it a versatile and customizable solution for various environments and needs.

Customer notifications: With the G17F communicator, customers can be informed about fire alarm events via Protegus 2 app or SMS messages, providing them with the necessary information to take appropriate action.

Backup channels: The G17F communicator provides two backup channels to ensure that communication with the CMS is always reliable, even if the main communication channel fails.

Versatile inputs and outputs: The G17F communicator provides six selectable type inputs, including NC, NO, EOL (10kΩ), and three double-purpose screw terminals for setting either input or output functionality. The outputs can be controlled via mobile/web Protegus 2 applications or SMS/call, providing a flexible and reliable way to monitor and control various devices and systems.

Highly secure: The G17F communicator uses a 6-symbol encryption key to ensure that communication between the communicator and the CMS is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Grade 4 certification: The G17F communicator has a Grade 4 certification, ensuring it meets the highest standards for security and reliability. This certification makes it suitable for use in high-security environments, such as banks, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure.

EN 54-21:2006 certification (coming soon): The G17F communicator is soon to be certified with EN 54-21:2006, a highly coveted certification for fire detection and alarm systems. This certification ensures that the communicator meets the highest standards for performance, reliability, and safety, providing customers with the peace of mind they need when it comes to fire safety.

Compatibility with INIM SMARTLINE fire control panel: The G17F communicator is compatible with INIM SMARTLINE via BUS RS485, providing customers with a flexible and reliable solution for their fire safety needs.

“Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Panel with the G17F Communicator!”

In summary, the G17F communicator is a reliable, secure, and customizable solution for upgrading fire alarm panels.

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