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Edwards Technical / Sales Seminar “Design and Specification of EST4 and ModuLaser” in Medellin

Edwards Technical / Commercial Seminar "Design and Specification of EST4 and ModuLaser" in Medellin, Colombia.

Edwards Technical / Sales Seminar “Design and Specification of EST4 and ModuLaser” in Medellin

On November 15th, we held the in-person Edwards session at the Poblado Plaza Hotel in Medellin, focusing on the design and specification of EST4 and ModuLaser. From 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., prominent clients actively participated in this training led by Leandro Aguirre, Edwards Business Developer for the Andean Region, with the support of Natalia Caicedo, our Sales Manager for the Andean and Southern Cone region, and Carlos Rodríguez, Sales Executive for the Distributor Channel in Colombia.

During the seminar, essential aspects were explored for a successful transition to Edwards’ cutting-edge EST4 technology. Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Edwards products across various generations, this solution stands out for its modular panel that provides exceptional flexibility and customizable configurations, paving the way for future expansions.

Benefits of EST4

  • Cost-saving installation (cable reduction)
  • Single-pair network wiring (3 pairs to one pair)
  • Single fiber network (4 fibers to 1 fiber)
  • Optical fiber for remote annunciators
  • Faster download speeds
  • No panel offline when updating configuration
  • Programming upload and download (database can be brought to the computer)
  • Migration from EST to EST4 panels
  • IP CMS / email / email to text
  • USB programming port
  • Color LCD with touchscreen
  • Selectable LED colors in the user interface
  • True mesh network of panels
  • Browser interface (device-independent)
  • Multiple microphones/phones on the network
  • Cybersecurity

The event featured a delightful breakfast provided by Full-Protection Corp. It served as an opportunity to strengthen the bond among participants, share experiences, and create a friendly atmosphere. We believe that fostering collaboration in this way contributes to building a robust community.

The event concluded with a question-and-answer session, allowing attendees to interact with the speakers and delve deeper into the topics discussed.

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