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Full-Protection Andina office opening in Colombia

On May 30th we made the official presentation of our corporate name in Colombia “Full-Protection Andina” through the opening of our new headquarters in Bogota, which brings a new phase, new goals and great projections for our company.

We have formed a team with great qualities, where good and lasting business relationships are cultivated with our clients so that they can perceive the exceptional skills of the staff that makes up Full-Protection Andina.

At the inauguration, some of our clients were present, who had a pleasant time during the night and who we surprised with an entertaining presentation by a group of “trovadores” who enlivened the central moment of the night. We want to express once again an infinite thanks to our clients, for having placed their trust in us, for believing in us without reservations and for spending some of their valuable time sharing with us that night, this would not have been possible without you.

Thanks to our great team for their valuable everyday contribution, and not less important, thank you to our partners and collaborators who have contributed in the achievement of the common objective of pursuing our customer’s satisfaction.

We firmly believe that our sacrifices generate fruits and bring satisfaction, and has Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, “Nothing in the world that is worthwhile has been achieved without passion.”

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