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Notifier Honeywell certification for designers in Peru

Notifier by Honeywell certification for designers in Peru

On March 9 in Lima, Peru, the Honeywell certification for designers was carried out. The training is designed for professionals who want to learn about the product portfolio, features, scope, and sizing of Notifier solutions.

With the accompaniment of Natalia Caicedo, Full-Protection’s Commercial Manager for the Southern Cone Region, the certification had a technical focus on the Honeywell Fire portfolio. It allowed us to gain a close view of the minimum requirements of NFPA 72 and the importance of UL Solutions certification to successfully size, install, maintain and pass inspections without worry.

During the event, attendees enjoyed lunch and had a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest advances in security technology. We demonstrated the importance and usefulness of the CLSS by Honeywell platform, a tool that allows integrators to monitor remote facilities and send physical resources if necessary. This is a valuable additional service that integrators can offer to end customers.

“You think you know everything, but no. A course about these topics was missing, where you can learn about the NFPA standard and apply that to the installation”. Oscar Lara. Elinse -Lima Perú

Certification topics:

  • Notifier by Honeywell Fire Detection Systems per NFPA 72.
  • Notifier’s Portfolio Presentation
  • Project Sizing with Notifier.
  • Auto-configuration and basic programming of Notifier panels.
  • Design and specification for audio systems: Periphone, public address and ambient sound with Honeywell.

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