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  • Products: - Access control, cameras
    - Recording devices
    - Business Intelligence
    - Mobile applications, Cloud services
3XLogic access control products

3xLOGIC Inc. has been a leading innovator in security technology for 15+ years. The company is recognized for providing easy-to-use surveillance and business intelligence solutions that seamlessly integrate video, access control, alarm audio and video verification, and disparate data sets such as ATM, Point-of-Sale, analytics, and more.

3xLOGIC’s business intelligence platform can mine enormous amounts of “dark data” and turn it into actionable information to drive positive organizational change. 3xLOGIC’s technology represents a new paradigm: extracting more value from already-collected data to solve problems that have been eluding organizations for years. 3xLOGIC has several categories: Access Control, Business Intelligence, Cameras, Accessories, Recording Appliances, Vigil Software, Mobile Apps and Cloud Services.

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