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    - LDR long distance readers
    - Security for guards
    - License plate recognition camera
    - Door readers
Proxiguard Guard Patrol products

The Proxiguard system allows you to monitor whether people assigned to a travel patrol task are completing their tasks on time and in their correct locations. In short, the system makes it possible to know where and when the patrols were carried out.

By installing a series of RFID tags (each with its own unique global identification number) along the patrol routes and patrol personnel perform readings on the tags with a hand-held reader. The tag numbers recorded together with each associated timestamp are subsequently loaded through communication adapters to computers for processing and verification. Results are displayed, printed or e-mailed so managers can review job performance data of patrol personnel (assistance, patrolled locations, opportunity, incidents, etc.) at the same time.

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IMPORTANT: We are an authorized distributor for Latam and the Caribbean ONLY. The products we supply are exclusively intended for sale and export outside of the continental United States. Please read our terms and conditions.