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    - Smoke detectors
    - Batteries
    - Fire extinguishers
    - Motion sensors
BRK Fire Detection Products

BRK products are designed to save lives. It’s a responsibility they don’t take lightly. They build each smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, heat alarm, and fire extinguisher to the highest standards. Over the years they’ve seen competitors come and go. They’re still here, still making the most recognized consumer brands of smoke and CO alarms on the market. Our brands include BRK®, First Alert®, Family Gard®, Tundra® and OneLink®.

If you are interested in this brand, contact us and our sales team will help you.

IMPORTANT: We are an authorized distributor for Latam and the Caribbean ONLY. The products we supply are exclusively intended for sale and export outside of the continental United States. Please read our terms and conditions.