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Trikdis – New function of communicators G16 and G16T

We would like to introduce a new feature of G16/G16T GSM/3G communicator  TRIKDIS – capability to transfer messages using Wi-Fi network.

This feature will enable our customers to use all the previously available features of both communicators with much lower usage of mobile network data traffic.

From now on, a Wi-Fi module W485 can be connected to both communicators G16 v1.31 and G16T v1.31. Once the module is connected, Wi-Fi network can be set as a priority channel for messaging.

Messaging through Wi-Fi networks will become the primary channel. Messages will be routed using mobile data traffic only when they cannot be delivered using WiFi (using all channels). If the main channel of Wi-Fi is not working, but another, let’s say Protegus channel is up and running, that indicates a good condition of the connection and mobile data traffic for messaging will not be used.

There are 2 ways when the messages will be sent using mobile data traffic: 1. When G16/G16T detects that IP connection is lost with the receiver of monitoring station and/or Protegus cloud via the module W485 (using Wi-Fi network), 2. When the messages need to be sent as SMS.

Moreover, it is possible to control the security system remotely using Protegus app, when the G16/G16T is connected to Protegus cloud using Wi-Fi network via the module W485. When adding system in Protegus app, only IMEI of G16/G16T needs to be entered and no additional data of W485 is needed.

W485 settings (Wi-Fi network credentials) are set in G16/G16T settings using TrikdisConfig. The module will send the messages to only those IP addresses, which are set in G16/G16T reporting IP address fields.

The module operates in the same manner as G16/G16T and uses two main channels and a separate channel for Protegus, as well as additional backup channels for monitoring station. The module operates with the same parameters that are set for G16/G16T.

The most recent drivers for G16/G16T will be available in TrikdisConfig v1.66.11.

Technical parameters: The module supports 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n standard) wireless networks and does not work with 5 GHz networks.

An internal IP address needs to be set for the module or automatic mode can be chosen as well – the router will assign the address for it automatically. The name and login credentials of home Wi-Fi network must be set in G16/G16T configuration.

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