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Full-Protection Andina Success Case: Ecopetrol Solar Farm Project

The event, which took place recently on May 8th and 9th at the offices of Full-Protection Andina in Bogotá, Colombia, focused on providing technical advice and training for the Granja Solar Ecopetrol project. The objective was to assist them in selecting the appropriate products and resolving any technical issues that may arise during the project’s development.

During the event, the presentation was conducted by Luis Javier Reyes Hernández, Pre-Sales & Customer Service from Optex Latin America. He showcased various products and solutions for the project, such as the type of protective barrier, the VMS integration system, and the FD508 APU model, which allows monitoring of up to 8 zones in the perimeter.

He explained that with the FD508 configured in Remote Based mode, all electronic components of the system are located within the Control Room, in optimal operating conditions. This means that the system is highly stable and secure, and in the field, only the sensor element and the Optical Fiber would be present.

Optex is a global company specialized in sensor technology. The company has dedicated itself to developing and manufacturing a wide range of security products, including intrusion sensors, perimeter security systems, and more.

In addition to the presentation, attendees had a coffee break where they had the opportunity to share their questions with our Commercial Manager for the Andean and Southern Cone region, Natalia Caicedo. The conversation was very interesting and productive for both parties, and with the support of Luis, all the questions about the project were resolved. They also expressed their gratitude for the attention and support that Full-Protection provides to its clients. The main objective of this support is to ensure the success of the project.

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