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Easily and Quickly Deploy IP Devices Using the NVT Phybridge 1701+ PoE Extender

NVT Phybridge 1701+ PoE Extender

Easily and Quickly Deploy IP Devices Using the NVT Phybridge 1701+ PoE Extender

The NVT Phybridge 1701+ PoE Extender Simplifies Network Requirements to Accelerate Digital Transformation Projects

The 1701+ PoE Extender supercharges the downlink ports of a standard ethernet switch to deliver power and data over any new or existing coax, UTP, or 2-wire cabling with up to 8,000ft (2.4km) reach. Like many of the products offered by NVT Phybridge, the 1701+ removes the high cost, business disruption, and complexity involved in a major network overhaul for organizations looking to deploy the latest IP cameras, access control, communication devices, and any other IEEE-compliant endpoints.

Watch the 1701+ introduction video for a full list of enhancements and capabilities.

The 1701+ Extender provides several technological advancements over the previous 1701 product, including up to 420 Mbps, up to 8,000ft (2.4km) reach, and an 18% reduction in size to accommodate even more use cases. For example, the 1701+ Extender is the ideal solution for enabling IP devices in elevator cabins, supplying power and data through the existing traveler cables in an elevator shaft.

Users can connect up to four IP devices using a single 1701+ Base unit. This method outperforms wireless solutions due to the high amount of interference that can negatively affect a wireless connection in an elevator shaft environment.

Learn more about how to enable IP devices in elevators using the 1701+ Extender.

The 1701+ PoE Extender can be purchased in kit format or à la carte. Click here to learn more about NVT Phybridge long reach PoE solutions.

About NVT Phybridge

NVT Phybridge, a global leader in long-reach Power over Ethernet technologies, develops a wide range of networking solutions, including managed, unmanaged, and single-port extender solutions. Organizations around the world use these products to achieve their digital transformation objectives without the risk, cost, and complexity of re-cabling their facilities.

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