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Honeywell Notifier CLSS certification in Panama.

On April 13th, the CLSS certification was held in Panama City, organized by Full-Protection and the Honeywell Notifier brand, one of the largest manufacturers of fire alarm systems.

12 professionals from 7 different companies in the country participated in the event with the aim of enhancing their skills and achieving the CLSS certification. The participants were given extensive training during the event, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, in order to enable them to apply the knowledge gained in real-world industry scenarios.

Rafael Ruiz and Karen Lain, highly experienced in implementing CLSS, received praise from participants for the quality of the content and their level of expertise. The event was organized by Camila Huertas from the Marketing department and Juan Pablo Bernal, Regional Business Manager of Full-Protection, who highlighted the significance of the CLSS platform in today’s business environment, enabling companies to enhance their efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of their products and services.

This event is part of Full-Protection’s plan for 2023 to embark on a tour of the Latin American and Caribbean region, with the purpose of offering our clients a series of events where they can interact with representatives from the factories of the products we distribute. In this way, attendees will be able to obtain commercial and technical information that will allow them to improve their sales skills and offer more effective solutions to their own clients.

In summary, the CLSS certification held in Panama City was a success in terms of participation and level of content, which will allow the professionals who attended to improve their skills and apply the benefits of the CLSS platform in their companies to achieve greater efficiency and quality in their processes.

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