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Notifier Honeywell Certification for Designers in Colombia

Honeywell Notifier’s event in Colombia, which took place recently in Bogota on March 21st at Hotel Parque la 97, was an exciting opportunity for attendees to learn about industry-leading fire protection and security solutions. The Honeywell Notifier brand is recognized for its advanced solutions that protect people, properties, and assets.

The event was a great opportunity for attendees to learn about and firsthand experience the solutions and products of the brand. Rafael Ruiz and Yenny Chacón, experts from Honeywell Notifier, were present at the event to share their knowledge and answer attendees’ questions.

During the event, several Honeywell products were presented, such as the X-618, which is the most reliable PAVA solution for public environments. Multiple world-class technologies, such as Honeywell’s Advanced System Diagnostics (ASD), SIM Speaker Line Monitoring, and dynamic RiskFree backup, provide robustness to these systems and help keep costs low from initial acquisition to post-maintenance.

In addition to the product presentation, attendees had a coffee break and lunch break where they had the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns with our regional manager, Natalia Caicedo. The conversation was very interesting and productive for both parties. They also expressed their appreciation for the attention and commitment that Full-Protection has towards customer satisfaction and safety.

The event was a great success, with many attendees expressing interest in Honeywell Notifier’s fire detection solutions and how they could integrate them into their own security systems.

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